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EPCs for Listed Buildings

There has been some general confusion within the industry as to whether it is necessary to obtain an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) when marketing a Listed Building for sale or for letting.

The team at DowlingDodd are founding members of the TACPP (The Association of Cornish Property Professionals).

We are group of people involved in the local property market and include Chartered Surveyors, Solicitors, Letting and Estate Agents, Search Providers and mortgage advisers who meet regularly and invite guest speakers to talk about various aspect of the property market with the emphasis on the market in Cornwall.

After our most recent meeting and a presentation from Cornwall Trading Standards the group has been provided with the following statement from Gary Webster, Senior Trading Standards Officer for Cornwall Council:

“In relation to the applicability to EPCs for listed properties offered for sale; Cornwall Council Trading Standards would expect an EPC to be commissioned in all but a very limited number of scenarios.

The scope of the legislation does not provide a blanket exemption for listed properties.

There are a range of potential energy improvements that can be made to such properties that would not unacceptably alter their character or appearance; and therefore an EPC should be sought prior to sale or marketing, in order that information regarding the current energy requirements (and potential efficiency improvements) can be provided to prospective purchasers.

In the unlikely event that you believe the property is outside of the scope of the regulations, then it is important to seek further advice from your local Planning Conservation Officer and Trading Standards, in order to avoid potential enforcement action.”

Our advice to any property owner of a Listed Building who is thinking of selling or renting the property is that they commission an EPC before marketing.


Published 07 August 2019