Even we get stumped sometimes!

Surveyors often say that we never stop learning and no matter how many properties we look at we are always finding something new and last week was no exception.

One of our surveyors was looking at a house in Newquay for a client on the Nansledan development and noticed an unusual feature next to the rainwater hopper.  He messaged the team to see if we had any ideas what this round feature with a rectangular slit could be.  There were similar features on several other houses close by.

There were various suggestions ranging from extractor fan outlets from a shower room or bathroom to an overflow outlet in the event of the parapet gutter becoming blocked, but none of these seemed likely.

Luckily the vendor was present, and he asked them if they knew what this was.  All became clear and we now know that this is a bird box to encourage Swifts to nest.

Fortunately, it’s quite a small aperture so no need to worry about seagulls nesting here.

For more information, visit https://nansledan.com/sustainability/nesting-birds/


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Published 28 September 2022

Written by: Julian Crosby FRICS MRPSA