Schedule of Condition

If you are about to take a lease on a commercial property and in some cases on a residential property it is normally the case that within the lease as the Tenant you will be responsible for maintaining the property. This type of Lease is referred to as a Full Repairing and Insuring Lease (FRI).

It is important therefore that the condition of the property is assessed at the outset and agreed with the landlord to avoid costly disputes at the end of the term.

Our Schedule of Condition is a detailed written and photographic report on the condition of all visible parts of the building internally and externally prior to the start of the lease.

It is set out in a clear and easily understood table format with a detailed description of the condition of each element of the building such as chimneys, roof surfaces, rainwater goods, walls, windows and doors.

Internally the report is on a room by room basis describing the condition of ceilings, wall surfaces, floors and joinery noting defects such as cracked plaster, damaged floors, dampness as well as the condition of decorations.