Snagging Lists

When you are purchasing a new property, obtaining a Snagging List from an Independent Surveyor may be more appropriate than a Survey Report.

The purpose of a Snagging List is to itemise any outstanding matters once the construction works are complete.  The report can be set out in a tabulated form with photographs which is a useful format and easily amended as issues are attended to during routine snagging works.

The Snagging List will identify matters that are either incomplete or, although complete, fall short of the standard normally required.

We will report not only on serious issues but also on what may be considered to be minor matters such as damaged decorations, chipped and marked paint work.

Remember you are buying a new house and whilst it should be covered by a new build warranty such as NHBC, this only covers the more serious issues and a lot of minor issues can add up.

The report should then be shown to the builder to make sure that he puts right all those matters identified.